Shohrat Tursun Trio

the power of musical and cultural diversity

The music of the Shohrat Tursun Trio



Three music videos featuring the songs: Love; Mida Wawasi and Atoush and a Live performance.

  1. LOVE is like a fusion of acoustic Led Zeppelin meets Nirvana with a powerful Uyghur rap to end it off. Three languages in one song, contemporary Australian music (man) !!

  2. MIDA WAWASI - is a fun fusion of African chant, soaring Uyghur chorus and a mandolin playing hard and fast. the video is showcasing African communities of Western Sydney. 
  3. ATOUSH - is a traditional Uyghur song that we have rearranged. it crescendos with thumping African drums and Shohrat's amazing vocals. The video is showcasing the Uyghur culture in Western Sydney
  4. LIVE - footage from our performance with the Sydney World Music Chamber Orchestra