Shohrat Tursun Trio

the power of musical and cultural diversity

The music of the Shohrat Tursun Trio

The Shohrat Tursun Trio is a dynamic combination of ancient Uyghur melodies and African chant and
rhythms woven into contemporary compositions that could only have been forged in Australia. The multi-lingual ensemble is a vision of this country’s future musical horizons.

Shohrat Tursun is a world-renowned vocalist/ musician and Uyghur bard who has traveled the world performing the hidden treasures of his culture. A seventh generation musician, Shohrat's soaring vocals and agile Dutar playing provides a foundation for the Trio to meld their diverse sound.

Yaw Derkyi is a Ghanaian percussionist who brings a sense of the animistic to the collective through his driving tribal rhythms and chants.

Richard Petkovic is the trio’s musical director/producer and provides a deftly modern twist by actively inviting the musicians to share their cultures from fresh perspectives.

Live these musicians deliver the thunderous attack of a rock and roll band through to emanating the contemplative vibrations of a Sufi-inspired hymn. A cerebral experience; Shohrat's timeless voice will change your internal chemistry!

Be inspired by the sound of multicultural Australia!

Shohrat Tursun – Vocals, Dutar (two string Lute)

Yaw Derkyi – African percussion and vocals

Richard Petkovic - Guitar, mandolin, harmonium & vocals


- Performances include:

- Parramasala Festival

- Sydney Sacred Music Festival

- many others as members of the Australia Council for the Arts fundedmSydney World Music Chamber  Orhestra and the Arts NSW funded Worlds Collide ensemble


LAUNCHING our new CD, ‘Life in Three’ in June 2015


Photographer: Stephen Mifsud